Bison Engineering recently acquired EMRC and added their instrument design, construction, and implementation expertise to our capabilities for serving industrial clients. EMRC has been providing air flow measurement instrumentation services since the 1970’s and has developed flue gas instrument application knowledge that is unmatched in the continuous emission monitor (CEM) industry. For regulatory compliance or process control, the EMRC Gas Flow Monitor offers clients a Clear Advantage.

EMRC monitors deliver reliable, consistent results because they are designed for each application. Here are a few benefits our customers realize using an EMRC unit:

  • Uptime typically exceeds 99.99%.
  • The system can operate in explosion hazard situations because no utilities are required at the stack or duct.
  • Calibration and purging are fully automated.
  • There is no need to send the monitor back to the factory for periodic calibration. The design includes an onboard primary reference method for manual calibration.
  • In situ sensors can be designed to operate in gas streams with extreme characteristics such as high corrosivity, temperatures, moisture content, and particulate loading,
  • Because the monitor is based on relatively basic physical principles, installation and maintenance costs are low.

Application-specific monitor and installation design delivers flexibility and ensures long-lasting accuracy. To limit costs and ensure consistent quality, we start each design using one of two basic instrument configurations. A wall mount configuration provides easy access to components.

For more information about our monitors, their applications, our design capabilities, and about ordering, please click here. To order or to discuss an order, please contact Bob Miles at 816.779.7272, milesrbt@fairpoint.net. For technical support, please contact Sanford Tudor at 406.252.4450.

A wall mount configuration provides easy access to components.

A rack mount design combines a space-saving configuration with ultra-reliable, proven technology.