The Montana Department of Environmental Quality Air Resources Management Bureau has notified all Montana air quality permit holders that, depending on a facility’s location, future air permit applications may require an additional step. If your facility is within a designated sage grouse area and you plan to modify your permit, before submitting a permit application you will need to consult with the Montana Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program.

The MSGHCP has developed a useful website ( that walks an applicant through initiating a consultation. The site includes an interactive map that will help identify whether the project is located in a designated habitat area and, if it is, whether the area is designated as core area, general habitat, or a connectivity area. Guidance posted on the website recommends starting the consultation process at least 45 to 60 days prior to submitting an application, though the process is not restricted by any statutory or regulatory schedule.

Following are some helpful links. If you have questions, our Bison engineers and scientists are happy to help.


Montana habitat areas map (part of Executive Order 21-2015)

The Montana Greater Sage-grouse Stewardship Act (2015 SB 261)