Just in time for Halloween, Oregon DEQ has published their proposed rules to establish an entirely new permitting program designed to limit air emissions of 255 toxic chemicals and classes of toxic chemicals. The rule will apply to all facilities that are currently required to obtain an Air Quality Discharge Permit or Title V Operating Permit. It will also apply to any facility that DEQ has reason to believe could potentially emit non-de minimis amounts of toxic air pollutants. DEQ plans to implement the rule in two tiers. During the Tier I period, which will last first five years from when the rule becomes effective,  it will apply to 80 facilities that DEQ will have ranked as posing the highest health risk. It will also apply to all new facilities during this period. After the Tier I period ends, the rule will apply to all existing sources.

The notice, draft rule documents, and supporting documents are posted here on the DEQ’s website. You have until December 22nd at 4:00 p.m. to submit comments regarding the rule. In the meantime, check back here in a few days for an analysis and summary of the proposed rule.