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Oregon Air Toxics Video

This video provides a brief overview of what's going on with development of a new Oregon rule to regulate industrial air emissions of toxic pollutants. The video also briefly describes Bison's perspective and suggestions for facilities. Please call us if you have any questions.

Apr 13, 2017|0 Comments

Adam Bender, Q.I. Environmental Technician

Certifications: Infrared Thermographer Certified MSHA/OSHA Safety Trained IATA/ICAO Dangerous Goods Shipping Certified Method 9, Visible Emmissions Evaluator, Certified First Responder training Certified Adam joined Bison in 2011 and has a Bachelors of Science degree in Geology with an emphasis in Invertebrate Paleontology from the University of Montana.  Adam has five years of civil engineering experience as a land surveyor and two years of experience as a field geologist in gold exploration. At Bison Adam is a project manager and source testing team member who specializes in isokinetic test methods. He is chairman of the safety committee and

Feb 8, 2016|0 Comments

Bret W. Gallo Project Engineer

Certifications: MSHA/OSHA Safety Trained Certified FLIR IR Thermographer Bret joined Bison in 2006 after working two years as a production enhancement/hydraulic fracturing engineer for Halliburton Energy Services in WY, UT, and CO where he performed slick water, hydrochloric acid, CO2, nitrogen, CobraMax, CobraFrac, and pinpoint stimulations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Montana Tech. Over the past 11 years and currently, he oversees and manages projects for thousands of upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities throughout tribal lands, MT, ND, WY, UT, as well as limited experience in CO, TX and

Feb 8, 2016|0 Comments

Brian Murphy, E.I.T. Staff Engineer

Brian joined Bison in 2013. He works in the Permitting group and frequently assists with source testing projects. He graduated from Carroll College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering with an environmental emphasis. Brian has provided air permitting and regulatory compliance assistance to clients from a variety of industries including: limestone, hard rock, and coal mining/processing; timber and wood products; biofuel production and biorefineries; baseline and peaking electrical generation with coal and natural gas, cement production; grain malting; and food production. Brian has specialized in dispersion modeling analyses and supports spatial analyses using Geographic

Feb 8, 2016|0 Comments

Christopher P. Hiltunen, P.E. President

Certifications: Professional Engineer MSHA/OSHA Safety Trained Chris joined Bison in 1995 and is currently the Helena Branch Manager. Chris obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of New Hampshire. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Montana. His duties involve project management and oversight of ambient monitoring, source testing, and permitting/compliance activities. Chris’s past duties included ambient air and meteorological data collection, quality assurance, processing and reporting on a variety of ambient monitoring systems, including PM10, PM2.5, SO2, CO, NOx, O3, and meteorology installations as well as continuous emissions monitoring systems. He

Feb 8, 2016|0 Comments

Conor Fox, QSTI Environmental Scientist

Conor joined Bison in 2017 as a member of the Source Testing group. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Carroll College and is an environmental scientist in the Helena office. Conor has six years of experience as a project manager and compliance inspector. He has completed the qualified source testing individual (QSTI) certification in Groups I, II, III and IV with the Source Evaluation Society. Conor is a project manager for air emissions testing in accordance with EPA methods for both engineering and compliance purposes for a variety of clients. He has extensive

Jul 21, 2017|0 Comments

Dale Smith Environmental Technician

Dale Smith joined Bison in 2015 as a member of the Source Testing group. He previously worked as a leak detection and repair (LDAR) technician for petrochemical and natural gas facilities. This testing included Method 21 monitoring, storage tank seal inspections, cooling water sampling, optical gas imaging using a FLIR camera and acoustic emissions detection. At Bison Dale conducts source testing and support for various field operations. With a high mechanical aptitude and ability to adapt to fast-changing industry needs, he has been instrumental in our isokinetic testing and gas sampling projects. Dale previously spent over three

Jul 21, 2017|0 Comments

David S. Blankenship, Q.I. Field Services Team Leader

Certifications: Qualified Stack Testing Individual (Groups I, II, III & IV) MSHA/OSHA Safety Trained HAZWOPER Certified Opacity Certified Dave joined Bison in 1997and is a project scientist for the Source Testing group. Dave is certified by the Source Evaluation Society (SES) as a Qualified Individual for the performance of source testing. He has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Environmental Technologies from Montana Tech of the University of Montana. Dave conducts compliance and FYI testing on all types of industrial facilities. He has experience in equipment maintenance/repair, water sampling, opacity observations, PM10 audits and calibrations, protocol/report

Feb 8, 2016|0 Comments

Debbie Skibicki, P.E. Consulting Services Team Leader

Debbie is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Montana. Debbie joined Bison in 2013 and is the consulting services department manager. Debbie has a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Science degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from Montana State University. Debbie manages and oversees projects primarily for major source clients (e.g., lime manufacturing, power generation, petroleum refining) for construction and operation project permitting (Title V, PSD, and minor modifications), control technology strategy and analysis, applicability analyses, compliance assistance, reporting, compliance audits, enforcement strategy, and agency negotiation. Beyond air quality,

Feb 8, 2016|0 Comments

Don V. Milmine E.I.T., Project Engineer

Certifications: Engineer In Training MSHA/OSHA Safety Trained HAZWOPER Certified Don is a Project Engineer ll and has been with the Ambient Monitoring group in the Billings office of Bison since 1999. He has been providing technical services to industrial and governmental clients for over 37 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Montana Tech. His project assignments commonly include ambient air and meteorological data collection, quality assurance, processing and reporting. He performs quality assurance audits, calibrations and maintenance on a variety of ambient monitoring systems, including PM10, PM2.5, SO2, and meteorological installations.

Feb 8, 2016|0 Comments