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Riley Madsen Environmental Technician

Riley joined Bison in May 2017 after a year of working as an environmental technician for Think Environmental, collecting, managing, and reporting environmental data to meet environmental compliance. He also spent two years as a lead Kohler engine technician and he received his lifetime certification as a Kohler engine specialist in 2015. Riley applies his high levels of electrical, mechanical and troubleshooting skills to stack testing and building gas flow monitors. When he isn’t working, Riley spends his free time playing drums with his band, which has been performing around the state for over seven years. Riley

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Robert Rogge, Q.I. Staff Engineer

Robert Rogge (Robby) began working at Bison in the summer of 2016. He obtained an Associates of Science degree at UM-Helena before earning a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering at Montana Tech of the University of Montana. He also has successfully completed the Fundamental Engineering exam. While attending Montana Tech, he earned a broad-based science and engineering education including advanced courses in air and water pollution control, hazardous wastes, soils remediation, pollution prevention, health risk analysis, and land reclamation Overall, he gained a solid foundation by working in groups to solve real-world engineering problems and using

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Kyle DeVerna, E.I.T. Staff Engineer

Certifications: Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Kyle joined Bison in 2018 as a Field Services Engineer with the Billings Source Testing group. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA, and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Montana State University in Bozeman. As a member of the Source Testing group, Kyle conducts air emissions testing in accordance with EPA methods for both engineering and compliance purposes for a variety of clients. Kyle also performs equipment maintenance/repair, sample analysis, and protocol/report production. Prior to joining Bison, Kyle taught junior

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Oregon Air Toxics Video

This video provides a brief overview of what's going on with development of a new Oregon rule to regulate industrial air emissions of toxic pollutants. The video also briefly describes Bison's perspective and suggestions for facilities. Please call us if you have any questions.

Oregon Air Toxics Video2018-08-21T14:41:05-06:00

Bret W. Gallo Project Engineer

Certifications: MSHA/OSHA Safety Trained Certified FLIR IR Thermographer Bret joined Bison in 2006 after working two years as a production enhancement/hydraulic fracturing engineer for Halliburton Energy Services in WY, UT, and CO where he performed slick water, hydrochloric acid, CO2, nitrogen, CobraMax, CobraFrac, and pinpoint stimulations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Montana Tech. Bret serves on the Board of Directors for Bison. Over the past 12 years and currently, he oversees and manages projects for thousands of upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities throughout tribal lands, MT, ND, WY, UT, as

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Robyn Barkley Administrative Assistant

Robyn joined Bison Engineering in early 2014 as an Administrative Assistant. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University. Her duties include assisting with budgets, travel-related paperwork, bookkeeping, safety compliance, human resources and payroll. As her job progressed with the firm, Robyn has added duties in support of the Source Testing group. She assists the group in preparing for field tests including cleaning and assembling glassware in accordance with accepted EPA reference methods, calibrating equipment and maintaining calibration records. She processes source test filters and samples and maintains filter/sample tracking records

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Jake Amerman, QSTI Staff Engineer

Certifications: QSTI 10 Hour OSHA Visible Emissions Evaluator for Method 9 Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Jake joined Bison in 2018 as a Staff Engineer with the Billings Source Testing group. He has a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.B.A. from the University of Denver. Jake has extensive knowledge and experience in flow measurement and stack emission measurement and calculations. Jake has passed all four QSTI (Qualified Stack Test Individual) exams. Passing these exams proves Jake’s dedication to quality stack testing services. The QSTI exams test an individual’s knowledge regarding the various EPA mandated testing

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Lynn Dunnington Environmental Analyst

Certifications: Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Parts 46 and 48 certification Lynn joined Bison Engineering in March of 2019. She works with the source testing group based out of Helena. Lynn has a Bachelor of Arts degree in zoology from the University of Montana. Her primary responsibilities at Bison include data processing, analysis and quality assurance, and report writing. Lynn has over 12 years of experience in air quality monitoring and consulting. Before joining Bison, Lynn worked primarily with ambient air monitoring contracts. She has extensive experience in data analysis and quality assurance; report writing;

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Jacob Rankin Staff Engineer

Certifications: Source Evaluation Society (SES) member MSHA certified with Emergency Response and First Aid (CPR/AED) training Jacob joined Bison in October 2018 to work on the emissions testing group in Helena. Having graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering just prior to starting at Bison Engineering, his only experience is in industrial source emissions testing. With his degree in Chemical Engineering he has working knowledge of many common industry practices including but not limited to boilers, distillation columns, digesters, and separation units. Jacob looks forward to improving his expertise of

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Angel Medina Environmental Scientist

Certifications: Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), 10 hour Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), Visible Emissions Evaluator for Method 9. Angel joined Bison in 2019 as a Staff Scientist with the Tucson Field Source Testing group. He has a B.S. in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Biology from the University of Arizona. As a member of the Source Testing group, Angel conducts air emissions testing in accordance with EPA methods for both engineering and compliance purposes for a variety of clients. Angel also conducts maintenance/calibration operations on scientific equipment used in the field, sample/glassware

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