A2LA – Accredited Air Emissions Testing Body

Our goal is to provide the highest quality environmental services which key on communication with your facility and the regulatory agencies involved. Bison is recognized as an accredited air emissions testing body (AETB) through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). We are certified as an accredited air emissions testing body to ASTM D7036-04, “Standard Practice for Competence of Air Emission Testing Bodies".

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They’re Here…Oregon Air Toxics Proposed Rules

Just in time for Halloween, Oregon DEQ has published their proposed rules to establish an entirely new permitting program designed to limit air emissions of 255 toxic chemicals and classes of toxic chemicals. The rule will apply to all facilities that are currently required to obtain an Air Quality Discharge Permit or Title V Operating Permit and to any facility DEQ determines could potentially emit non-de minimis amounts of toxic air pollutants.

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Discussion Draft Cleaner Air Oregon Rules Overview

See this post for our brief overview of the recently released discussion draft of the Cleaner Air Oregon air toxics health-based rules. The advisory committee has been asked to review and submit comments by September 9. Then Oregon DEQ will update the discussion draft and issue a formal draft for a 60-day public review period starting mid-October.

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Oregon Air Toxics Video

This video provides a brief overview of what's going on with development of a new Oregon rule to regulate industrial air emissions of toxic pollutants. The video also briefly describes Bison's perspective and suggestions for facilities. Please call us if you have any questions.

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Cleaner Air Oregon Framework Presentation

Just presented this morning at the Mass Timber 2017 Conference in Portland, Oregon. The presentation outlines and provides additional information on the recently released draft framework for Oregon's in-work, risk-based air toxics rule; click here to see a copy of the presentation. The Cleaner Air Oregon Advisory Committee will be reviewing and discussing the framework in a public meeting next Tuesday, 4/4, in Springfield. I plan to attend and will provide another update. Stay tuned! Kevin Mathews p.s. Before attending this conference, I didn't know much about mass timber (someone told me it's short for "massive" timber). The industry has done

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Cleaner Air Oregon Draft Framework Released

As promised, Oregon DEQ and the Oregon Health Authority have released a draft framework for the new set of air toxics rules they have been developing. Check out this announcement on the Cleaner Air Oregon website. Here's a copy of the draft framework. The agencies will be meeting with the CAO Advisory Committee Tuesday, April 4th in Springfield to discuss the proposal and take public comments.

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