Since 1980, Bison Engineering has provided unequaled professional environmental science and engineering services to our clients. Here is how it all began.

After working for 15 years in various environmental management positions, including Chief of the Montana Air Quality Bureau (MAQB), now part of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Mike Roach started Bison Engineering, Inc. (BISON) in the Carriage House he owned in Helena, Montana. The primary focus of the young company was providing natural resource development companies (mining and timber industries) with expertise in the air quality field, including ambient monitoring, permit applications and air quality assessments for environmental impact statements. The firm grew quickly in the beginning and soon added stack/source testing capabilities to its list of air quality services.

In the mid 1980s the staff at Bison tripled, including the addition of Mr. Roach’s successor as company president, Hal Robbins, who was a former MAQB Chief following Mike Roach. During this time, the mix of clients changed dramatically to include commercial building owners and government agencies as well as a wide variety of industrial facilities. Company expansion brought a greater emphasis on involving the staff in ownership and management of the firm including the creation of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Bison continued to grow during the 1990s and shifted from asbestos and indoor air quality services to focus on ambient monitoring, permitting and stack testing services for industrial clients. In 1996 Jeff Chaffee, who followed Mr. Robbins as MAQB Chief and who is our current President, joined the company In 1999 we opened our Billings office, bringing our services closer to industrial clients located in Central and Eastern Montana.

In 2001 Mike Roach retired from Bison Engineering, and the ESOP purchased the company from him and Bison became an employee-owned company. Bison continued its focus in air quality engineering while broadening its environmental services to support existing clients. In 2004, Bison purchased its current Helena office.

In 2015 Bison purchased Energy and Environmental Measurement Corporation (EEMC)/Environmental Measurement Research Corporation (EMRC) an emissions testing and monitoring equipment manufacturer, founded in the 1970s. The acquisition added a product line to Bison’s services which includes custom design and installation of gas flow continuous monitoring equipment. EMRC was founded in 1981 as a response to the increasing demands of new energy production facilities in the West. The addition of EEMC/EMRC and its staff set the stage for a new opportunity for Bison to serve its clients with value-added products and services. It also allowed us to establish an office and client base in Tuscon, Arizona.

Today, Bison continues to provide outstanding environmental consulting, technical services, and equipment for an expanding base of clients in the West and across the globe. We look forward to carrying our legacy of commitment and service long into the future.