Physical Specifications

Size: EMRC will package to fit the needs of its customers
Weight: Wall mount approx. 160-190 lbs. 19″ rack mount approx 70 lbs.
Power: 115v or 220v Operating Cabinet
Temperature: 30° – 120°F (Some units have internal heaters)
Probe Temperature: ~2000° F (functional limit of probe material)
Recorder Outputs: 4-20 ma standard, all others upon request
Performance Specifications Sensitivity: ~2fps
Response Time: ~1-2 seconds to 100% of final reading
Linearity: +/- 2% of full scale
Repeatability: < 1 % Zero Drift: ~2-3% of full scale Span Drift: ~2-3% of full scale
Accuracy: ~2% of full scale

Monitor Manual

The EMRC Gas Flow Monitor is designed to measure the dynamic pressure of gas flow in a stack. This document outlines the basic measurement principles employed and how the system measures gas flow. Maintenance requirements are covered under separate sections for ease of reference.