EPA Finalizes Oil and Gas Methane Rules

On May 12, EPA finalized a set of rules to directly or indirectly reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas methane from upstream and midstream oil and natural gas (O&G) production activities. The rules consist of:

  • A 'New Source Performance Standard' Subpart OOOOa (affects new and modified sources) A nation-wide Federal Implementation Plan for minor sources in Indian Country (affects new and modified sources)
  • An industry-specific clarification of the physical and functional boundaries of a facility (affects new and existing sources)
  • Draft emissions Control Technology Guidelines (will affect existing sources in or near ozone non-attainment areas)
  • A proposed Information Collection Request to support future regulations for existing sources
  • ....
EPA Finalizes Oil and Gas Methane Rules2018-08-21T14:41:06-06:00

EPA Targets Methane Emissions from Existing O&G Wells

The EPA announced on March 10th its intent to create a new rule limiting methane emissions from existing oil and natural gas production wells. The new rule would add another layer of regulation to a complex and rapidly expanding framework of air quality-related requirements for the industry: EPA developed emissions performance standards for new and modified O&G production sources in 2012. Major revisions increasing the stringency of the standards were proposed September 18, 2015. The rule is directed toward limiting VOC emissions, but EPA emphasizes the collateral benefits of reducing emissions of methane. EPA has proposed a new rule that

EPA Targets Methane Emissions from Existing O&G Wells2018-08-21T14:41:06-06:00
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