Bison Engineering, Inc. is an employee-owned environmental consulting and technical services firm specializing in air quality. We are proud of, and are known for, our client advocacy, technical excellence, and depth of experience.  We help create balanced solutions to complex environmental regulatory issues. Since 1980 we have been trusted advisers and service providers for clients across the country and across a wide range of industries.

Bison offers a comprehensive set of services related to air quality regulatory compliance including:

  • Air quality permit application preparation
  • Emissions testing
  • Ambient air quality and meteorology monitoring
  • Air dispersion modeling analyses
  • Case-specific regulatory applicability and requirements assessments
  • Air quality and climate impacts evaluation for environmental studies
  • General compliance guidance and non-compliance assistance
  • Data collection, processing, and reporting for compliance demonstrations
  • General and transportation conformity analyses
  • EMRC gas flow monitoring systems for continuous emissions application

While we have specialized in air quality regulation and science, we place a high importance on providing maximum value to our clients. That’s why we routinely provide a wide range of additional environmental services to our clients. Our employee/owners are knowledgeable, capable scientists, engineers, and technicians. If your non-air environmental needs exceed our capabilities, we will call in or recommend one of the companies in our trusted network of environmental service providers.

In addition to consulting and technical services, our portfolio includes EMRC gas flow monitoring systems for continuous emissions monitoring in industrial applications. These application-specific monitors provide flexibility, accuracy, and long-term reliability for clients who need fully-automated monitoring at a competitive price.

The enjoyment we get from our work comes from a strong sense of respect: respect for the men and women who make the things we need to survive and thrive—including jobs; respect for those entrusted with interpreting and applying environmental protection rules and policies; respect for our shared natural resources that sustain and enrich us; respect for future generations who will also rely on those resources; and respect for each other.

Finally, we pride ourselves on providing much more than reports, permit applications or test results. We strive to provide a “clear advantage” to make your life easier. That means understanding your business and operations; communicating with you effectively, clearly, and in the manner that you prefer; avoiding surprises; minimizing costs; and meeting your schedule needs. In the end, what we value most is adding value to the important work you do.  We appreciate the importance of the work we do for you and its significance in protecting the environment and your reputation.