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Air Quality and Environmental Consulting

Since 1980, Bison Engineering has provided professional environmental consulting in the area of air quality permitting, stack testing and ambient air monitoring.  In addition to these services Bison Engineering also provides an array of other environmental services through our environmental engineers and associates to complement our air quality expertise and to meet the environmental needs of our clients!

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Bison Announces Strategic Changes for the Future!

2013 was a strategic year for Bison Engineering as we positioned ourselves to address an ever-evolving regulatory landscape while continuing to offer excellent client service. During 2013 Bison hired six new highly-skilled employees to better serve our existing customers as well as expand our presence in the Rocky Mountain region. In addition to new hires, we are announcing a change in leadership at Bison Engineering.

Jeffrey T. Chaffee, our previous Vice President, is now President. Harold W. Robbins will continue with Bison as Chairman of the Board and will transition to a senior consulting role in 2014. These changes will allow Jeff to focus more broadly on company-wide goals and strategies while allowing Hal to become more focused on key client and regulatory issues. We believe these changes will benefit both Bison and our clients.

With these changes Bison’s mission remains the same - through our focus on innovative engineering and scientific excellence, Bison offers our clients a clear advantage in achieving the delicate balance between a healthy environment and a thriving industrial economy.







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