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Air Quality and Environmental Consulting

Since 1980, Bison Engineering has provided professional environmental consulting in the area of air quality permitting, stack testing and ambient air monitoring.  In addition to these services Bison Engineering also provides an array of other environmental services through our environmental engineers and associates to complement our air quality expertise and to meet the environmental needs of our clients! Bison offers our clients a clear advantage in achieving the delicate balance between a healthy environment and a thriving industrial economy.

A Clear Advantage

Our Work Results in
Stability and financial success for our clients, our neighbors/community and Bison employees past, present and future

  • Creating and maintaining jobs
  • Responsible utilization of domestic resources
  • Protection of public health and the environment
  • Quality of life for our employees and our community
  • Career growth and professional fulfillment
  • A positive and collaborative work culture for our employee owners and clients
  • A proud legacy









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Bison is a proud member of the following:

Montana Coal Council
Montana Petroleum Assoc.
Montana Mining Assoc.
Montana Wood Products Assoc.
Petroleum Assoc. of Wyoming
Treasure State Resource Industry Assoc.
North Dakota Petroleum Council

Western Energy Alliance

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