Breathe Easy: We are the Air Quality Experts

We help reduce your costs, maximize your production, and minimize your worries by strategically, expertly guiding you through the expanding maze of environmental regulations. You make things. We make things easier.


Products & Services


We identify the rules that do and don't apply to your unique universe. Then we help keep you in compliance.


We’ve got you covered all the way. We’ll help you site, design, purchase, install, ensure quality data recovery, audit, collect data, and report.

Stack Testing

In addition to collecting quality data to demonstrate compliance, we can help improve your processes to reduce waste and improve results.

Other Services

As trusted members of their teams, many of our clients rely on us to help address all their environmental compliance requirements.

Monitoring Equipment

For regulatory compliance or process control, the EMRC Gas Flow Monitor offers clients a Clear Advantage.

our mission

Through innovative engineering and scientific excellence,

we offer our clients a “Clear Advantage” in achieving the delicate balance between a healthy environment and a thriving industrial economy.