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A Healthy Environment and a Thriving Industrial Economy

Through scientific excellence and innovative engineering, Bison Engineering offers a clear advantage in guiding clients to achieving their perfect balance.

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About Bison Engineering

Finding the balance between industry and regulation

Bison Engineering, Inc. is an employee-owned environmental consulting and technical services firm specializing in air quality and environmental monitoring. Through scientific excellence and innovative engineering, Bison Engineering offers a clear advantage in guiding clients to achieving the balance between a healthy environment and a thriving industrial economy.

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Products and Services

We can help you apply for permits and keep them updated, ensure your company is in compliance, and offer testing and monitoring services across industries.

Ambient Monitoring

Building a new facility? We’re here to help you breathe easier. We’ll manage your ambient monitoring needs from beginning to end.


Just as you know your industry like no one else, we know air quality regulations. Let us focus on environmental compliance for you.

Source Testing

Source testing is a key tool for effective measurement of emissions and your company’s environmental compliance.

Gas Flow Monitoring

Our solution transcends industries, the Environmental Monitoring Research Corporation (EMRC) Gas Flow Monitoring System.

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Our team of environmental engineers, scientists, technicians, and professionals are dedicated to helping industry clients comply with environmental regulations. Bison Engineering is experienced at working with clients across industries and we look forward to working with you.

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Join our team of dedicated engineers, scientists, and professionals! We work together to ensure industry clients reach their goals and comply with environmental regulations.

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Instrumentation Engineer / Technician

Bison Engineering, Inc., an air quality engineering and consulting firm, is looking for an instrument engineer/technician in our Billings, MT office to design and assemble our gas flow monitoring instrument.  We have manufactured and supported our EMRC flow measurement instrumentation for over 30 years.  Its reliability and longevity are recognized by clients world-wide.  While it is a well-established product, this is a unique opportunity that will require innovation & problem solving from day to day.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to shape the future of the product line. The position entails designing and building the monitors, production of CAD diagrams and instrument manuals, and providing phone and on-site support for installation and use. Other job duties include project management, client site maintenance, troubleshooting, and installation.

This position will also assist in the performance of emissions testing for a variety of industry clients.  An engineering, technical or vocational degree and/or instrumentation experience is preferred.  Requirements include a working knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems and a proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel. CAD experience and technical writing skills preferred. Travel and physically demanding work performed at elevated heights is required. DISA drug testing and current driver’s license required.

Staff / Project Engineer / Scientist

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