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Gas Flow Monitors

EMRC Gas Flow Monitor

Real-time gas flow measurement

Operating production facilities these days continues to evolve and that evolution in many cases requires a real-time gas flow measurement. These gas flow measurements are used to control processes or calculate emission levels for continuous regulatory compliance.

If you need continuous gas flow information, Bison has a gas flow monitor that we manufacture tailored to your exact application. Bison acquired Environmental Monitoring Research Corporation (EMRC) in 2015. EMRC was established in 1981 to provide industry with full-time flow data. The demand for highly reliable and precise gas flow measurements has grown over the decades and so has EMRC’s reputation. We provide a simple and powerful design with an unbeatable 99.9% uptime and decades of proven reliability in a diverse range of industries.

The EMRC gas flow monitor is designed to measure the dynamic pressure of gas flow in a stack or duct. All EMRC gas flow monitors are custom designed to match each gas flow stream condition and integrate with existing electronic components including varying flow ranges, purge times, high moisture conditions and varying pitot lengths. Each one includes a wall or rack mounted unit and electronic interfacing so mass flow requirement can be met on a consistent and verifiable basis. The EMRC instrument package is located off-stack, allowing for ease of maintenance and control, and can be located in an indoor or outdoor cabinet, although a thermally controlled space is preferred for ease of maintenance and peak performance.

For more detailed information about the monitors, please visit our EMRC website at https://gasflowmonitors.com.

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