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Ambient Monitoring

Ambient Air and Meteorological Monitoring

Building and designing a new facility is site and project specific, meaning each facility’s needs are unique to that area and industry. Sometimes, the rules require you to collect ambient air quality and/or meteorological data for a given period of time before your project can even begin. We can help you determine the best approach for your project.

We’ll manage your monitoring needs from beginning to end including monitor siting, equipment purchasing, station setup and installation, quality assurance planning and coordination, equipment maintenance and audits, data handling and reporting, online monitoring website integration with real-time data, and station removal.

Bison Engineering has been building and operating ambient air and meteorological monitoring networks since we started in 1980. Our work includes projects throughout the Western U.S. with extensive experience in the Rocky Mountain Region and the Pacific Northwest. We have built and maintained monitors to collect data on PM10, PM2.5, and dust fall, as well as gasses such as NOx, CO, CO2, SO2, and VOCs.

ambient monitoring